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Shared Web Hosting

What is a Shared Domain Hosting?

Having a shared or virtual domain hosting is like having your own web server. Also you will have a unique domain name for your web site (e.g. YourName.com). You can control your hosting account from your personal computer.

Why should I sign up with MyGreatName.com Web Hosting over another provider?

Many reasons. We offer superior and reliable web hosting to business and personal accounts with friendly and responsible support. We have been in domain and web hosting business since the beginning of year 2000.

What payment methods do you accept?

If you are living in Hong Kong, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. However, if you are living outside Hong Kong, we only accept payment by Credit Card and PayPal.

How long does it take to set up a new web hosting account?

After your payment is received, your account are usually set up within 24 hours. Once your account is set up, an e-mail notification with your login information, password and other access information will send to you. Then you can begin uploading files to your new hosting account immediately.

How do I transfer files to my website?

While connecting to the Internet, you can transfer your files to your website by using FTP software (e.g. WS_FTP, etc..).

How often can I update my website?

You may update your website as many times as you wish, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the WWW?

Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example, you could access the domain name "mydomain.com" by going to "www.mydomain.com" as well as "mydomain.com".

Do you offer Microsoft FrontPage extensions?

Yes. Microsoft FrontPage extensions are available.

Can I host my pornographic or offensive material on MyGreatName.com Web Hosting?

No. Although we respect the First Amendment rights of individuals, and oppose the censorship of the internet, we are not prepared to host sites which we consider to be objectionable. Our reason is simple. Pornography draws too many viewers, too quickly, and would adversely affect our other customers, and our support staff.

Can I host my "warez" site on Asiamake Web Hosting?

No. Illegal software distribution ("warez") is prohibited.

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