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How to Set Up Linux Apache Server

This web hosting and domain knowledge base series discuss how to setup a Linux Apache Server. This Linux Server tutorial may not cover everything but at least able to setup and run your own Linux webserver.

Introduction Setting Up a Linux Box (Page 1)

TCP/IP Basic Concept (Page 2)

IP Address Overview (Page 3)

Sub-network and Netmask Basic Concept (Page 4)

What is Broadcast Addresses (Page 5)

Gateway Addresses Basic Concept (Page 6)

Register and Configure DNS of Domain (Page 7)

How Routing Works (Page 8)

Network Configuration (Page 9)

Set Up Names of Linux Box (Page 10)

Set Up Hosts of Linux Box (Page 11)

Set Up Interfaces of Linux Box (Page 12)

Set Up Routing of Linux Box (Page 13)

Test the Networking (Page 14)

Port Forwarding on Router to Web Server (Page 15)

Test the Apache Webserver - Part 1 (Page 16)

Test the Apache Webserver - Part 2 (Page 17)

Set Up Your First Virtual Host - Part 1 (Page 18)

Set Up Your First Virtual Host - Part 2 (Page 19)