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HTML CSS Div Layer Tutorial - What is a Div Layer?

This CSS layout tutorials discuss how to layout the div layers on the web pages. A div layer is simply a HTML container that you can put the web contents (text, images, flash, etc.) on it. But more interesting, a div layer can be positioned anywhere on your website with CSS.

In the old days before the born of CSS, webpage designers always used HTML tables to arrange the web contents. The most common way is to use sub-tables within a master table or a outer wrapper table. To me, as an old webpage designer since 1995, this method seems rather effective. However this method used a lot of codes, making the HTML file size bigger and thus lower the loading speed of the webpages. Furthermore, the pain comes when you wish to re-design the whole website. You have to change the codes of each page one by one!

With the use of CSS and div layers, you can arrange the web contents much easier. More important it allows you to change the design much easier.

More About HTML Div Layer

Other interesting property of div layers are that they can be overlapped with each others. You can image that you can put texts and images on each layer to create any possible stunning effects of your web pages.

HTML Div Layer Tutorials

This CSS tutorials discuss some common concepts of Div Layer:

What is div layer and how to create a div layer?

Absolute position of div layer

Relative position of div layer

Static position of div layer

How to overlapping div layers

Change the position of overlapping div layers by adjusting the css z-index

A div layers group inside another div layers group

Embed flash movie to div layer overlapped on top

Embed flash movie to div layer overlapped on bottom

Embed a flash animation to div layer floating on top

Embed a transparent flash animation to div layer floating on top

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