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Get Backlinks or Inbound Links Tips

Many people believe that PageRank and Link Popularities are the key factors in getting high ranking in Search Engines. And the only way to get high PageRank and boost Link Popularities is getting a lot of high quality backlinks or inbound links from outside web sites.

As we know that a link from other web page means a "vote" to your web page. The more votes or backlinks to your web page, the higher PageRank of your page will result, and the Link Popularities of your page will also be boosted up. The results is better ranking in Search Engines.

The following are some of the popular methods that can get Backlinks or Inbound Links to your web pages.

Buy Text Links

As the name implied, you pay money (usually a monthly fee or yearly fee) to place your link on a web page. There are a lot of web sites with high PageRank number selling text links. This is a good and quicker way to get listed if you have a new web site. The Search Engines spiders will visit and index your web pages through the text link.

However this may be quite expensive to buy text links especially from web pages with PageRank 7 or PageRank 8. Moreover the link pages usually have a lot of Outbound Links thus diluting the PageRank value that vote for your page.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal Links also known as Link Exchange or Link Swap. No matter what name is using, the concept is to exchange links between two web sites. You place a link on one of your web page pointing to a web page of web site B. And web site B place a link on one of his web page pointing to your web site in return.

Actually This is by far the most easier and quicker way to get links to your web pages. There are a lot of free Link Exchange Programs on the Internet where you can get hundreds of links within a short period of time. There are also some forums that many members exchange links with each others.

While getting links through the Link Exchange Program, this is important to emphasis quality rather than quantity. Usually the Link Exchange Program has a lot of categories for members to request link exchange. Be sure to link exchange with the categories related with your web site. For example, if you are running a web hosting company, select the "web hosting", "domain" and related categories.

Free Directory Listing

There are hundreds of free directory listing on the Internet. The most important free directory listing is the ODP Open Directory Project ( Most people believe that most major Search Engines start crawling through the ODP Open Directory Project. The only problem with ODP Open Directory Project is that this is not easy to get listed. This may take months or years to get listed. According to a ODP discussion forum, a user has been waiting for 4 years to get listed and still waiting. Why the listing of ODP Open Directory is so slow? Because the listing is processed by human (editors). Due to the huge work load of editors, the listing in some categories may be waiting for a long time.

Paid Directory Listing

If you have some budget for your web site marketing campaign, paid directory listing is worth considering. With a low fee (usually one time fee), you can quickly get listed in some PageRank 5, PageRank 6 and PageRank 7 paid directory, thus getting a lot of backlinks in a very short time.

Write Articles

This is the most effective ways to have one way backlinks or inbound links to your web page. Choose some topics you are expertise in and share your personal knowledge or experience with other peoples. However it takes time to write articles as well as submitting to web sites.

What if you do not like writing? No problem. There are many peoples on the Internet writting articles for others. Check the prices and some of their writting before signing up.

After finished your articles, the other challength is submitting them to web sites. There are many web sites that accept article submission. I suggest to check the PageRank value of the web sites before the submission. There is no use to submit articles to a web site that has not been indexed. There are also some softwares that allow auto-submission. There are some people that can help you to submit your articles to many web sites manually.


Quantity and quality are both important for Backlinks or Inbound Links.

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