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How Google PageRank Ranking Web Pages

The concept of PageRank is used by Google. Google PageRank, sometimes called Page Rank or PR for short is a numeric value that measure how importance a web page is in the World Wide Web. Usually a web site may contain many web pages, varies from a few to hundreds or even thousands. In order for visitors navigate through all web pages in a web site, web pages are link with each others. However there should be some web pages in a web site that the webmaster like all visitors to browse. Therefore most of the pages will link to the web pages that the webmaster would like the visitors to browser. This is the concept of Google PageRank (or PR) - how Google ranking web pages. Some web pages in a website should be more importance than others thus should getting a higher PageRank value.

Actually not only web pages are linked within a web site, they will also link with other pages in another web site. Therefore we can consider all web pages in the World Wide Web are linked with each others, forming a huge documents resources.

With this concept. The value of a small web site (and hence the web pages) that has no any link with outside web sites has only a small value, thus getting a lower PageRank.

This page discuss briefly how Google ranking PageRank of web pages.

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