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Start E-commerce for FREE

E-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce.

To explain it more simply, E-commerce is a new way of selling your service or products on the Internet. For some companies that already have their own physical shops, E-commerce can be considered as one more potential option to the traditional distribution channels that we have run for a very long time. It can be seen in the foreseeable future that E-commerce will replace the traditional ways of doing business.

E-commerce is the future of the Internet! Don’t be left behind. Secure your position today and reap the financial benefits for years to come!

Do you ever think that only big companies can adopt E-commerce business? If you answer is yes then you are wrong!Even a very small business or a home based business can start a E-commerce business without spending a dollar.Here's a complete guide to show you how to start your E-commerce business for FREE.

Step 1 : Accept Credit Card

You can join some on-line payment services which allow you to build an on-line business and accept credit card payment even without a merchant account.You can enjoy the following benefits :

  • No set-up fee
  • No software fee (e.g shopping cart)
  • No merchant account is required
  • Accept credit card payment immediately
  • Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to process credit card information

In other words you can start your on-line e-business without spending even a dollar. However, they will charge you about 8% on every transaction (e.g if you sell product of HK100.00 to your client, they will only charge you HK$8 as the service fee).

Step 2 : Design Your Website

Now you can prepare your website to sell product or service to your clients on line. If you have no time to prepare your website, you can ask some webpage design companies to do this for you. The price varies from a few hundred Hong Kong dollars (usually freelance computer programmers) to a over one hundred thousands Hong Kong dollars (usually famous and big computer companies).

Tips: Most big and famous computer companies usually sub-contract to freelance computer programmers.

Step 3 : Upload Your Webpages

Upload your webpages to your web hosting account. And your on-line e-commerce business is open ! Now, millions of potential buyers will stop by your on-line shop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Wish you a prosperous business!

Finished ! It's that simple and easy. Start your E-commerce business to-day!

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