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Domain Name Knowledge Base

This Domain Name knowledge base discuss everything relate with domain - how a new domain is registered, domain name registration procedures, how DNS works, how nameserver works, etc...

How a New Domain is Born or Registered

Introduction to Domain Name (Page 1)

Domain Name Registration Procedures (Page 2)

How Domain Name System (DNS) Works

Basic Concept of Networking (Page 1)

Networking Solution in Early Stage of Internet (Page 2)

Basic Concept of DNS (Page 3)

Working Procedures of DNS (Page 4)

How DNS Zone File Works

The DNS Zone File helps to translate domain names into IP addresses. Let's talk something about DNS Zone File in this series of article. Although this series of DNS Zone File articles were written in year 2000, most information are still valid.

DNS and Name Server Revision (Page 1)

Domain Name Registration Process Revision (Page 2)

How DNS works Revision (Page 3)

Primary and Secondary Name Server (Page 4)

What is DNS Zone File (Page 5)

Structure of DNS Zone File (Page 6)

DNS SOA Resource Record (Page 7)

DNS NS Resource Record (Page 8)

DNS A Resource Record (Page 9)

DNS MX Resource Record (Page 10)

Typical example of DNS Zone File (Page 11)

Other Domain Name Information

Expire Domains Re-registration Procedures

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