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Email Forwarding

Please explain what is Email Forwarding and Email Aliases?

This is better to take an example:

  • Assume that your ISP is IMS, IMS will provide you an email adress -
  • Assume that you register a domain with the name -

If you sign up our additional service of Email Forwarding, then all emails (unlimited) under your domain, for example:

  • etc....

will be sent (forwarded) to your email address ( This way, if you change your existing ISP email to other ISP email (example:, you do not need to inform your clients or friends! Because, you just forward all emails under your domain to your new ISP email address (

What is the difference between 'Email Aliases' and POP3 email account?

Actually, POP3 is an email box that can save your emails. While Email Aliases are only a pointer that forward emails to POP3 mail box. Therefore Email Aliases are sometimes called Email Forwarding.

You can use a single POP3 email account to receive emails from different email aliases. For example: in order to increase the image of your company, you can use 6 email aliases to serve your clients. Actually, you are using only 2 staff (peter and john) and 2 POP3 email accounts to handle all services for your clients.

The following table explain the whole situation:

Email Aliases
POP3 Email Account
(Receive Emails Account)

Then all emails send to, and will be received by (POP3 email account).

And all emails send to, and will be received by (POP3 email account).

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