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Back Up and Restore Email

How Emails Store

Chapter 4 : Create first email account

Okay, let's see what happen to the file structures when you login your cPanel and create your first email account.

Assume that we had created the following first email account:

  • alex.

Now, check what happen inside the mail folder.

email accounts

What happens?

  • A new folder with the name "alex" was created under the mail folder.
  • A new folder with the domain name "" is also created. Let's call this "domain name folder"

There is only one "inbox" file inside the "alex" folder. As you may noticed later that there is always only a "inbox" file inside this folder.

email inbox

And there is also a folder with the name "alex" inside the domain name folder. There is also only one "inbox" file inside the "alex" folder at this moment

email path

If you go back to the home directory of your account, you will notice that a new 'etc' folder was created. This is where the usernames and passwords of your email accounts will be saved.

create email folders

We will create more email accounts in the next chapter. Please read on...

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