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Back Up and Restore Email

How Emails Store

Chapter 3 : Email file structure of a new web hosting account

Now, let's go inside the mail folder and check. Since this is a new hosting account, there is only one file with the name "inbox" inside the mail folder.

Please note that this inbox is your main email address and is your "catch all" email address by default. This main email address is

What is "catch all" email address?

This is the email address that all un-route emails under your domain will be sent to mail box.

catch all email address

If you never use the main email address, it always has a inbox only. However, after you use this main email account to compose and send new emails. The "sent-mail" and "saved-messages" files will be created automatically. Moreover, if you delete a email, the "neomail-trash" file will also be created automatically.

create email folders

You should always check the "catch all" mail box and delete all un-used emails.

backup and restore emails